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Display ad impressions in Google Analytics was launched last year. The implementation is a synchronization of the Google analytics tracking code and Googles remarketing platform doubleclick. Its fairly simple and has many benefits.

I would rather call it a modification then an implementation and will apart from connecting your display impression conversions to Google Analytics also get the demographics and interests report. Please follow the steps below:

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Content strategy is most definitely becoming a buzzword and will be a big part of marketing in 2014. SEO optimized text as we know it, lays in the past. And I think a lot of us are happy to leave it behind.

Content should add value before serving an SEO purpose. We still need the SEO in terms of analysis but its time to change the agenda, though its nothing new. A heading should draw attention and the text should communicate something sharable. The SEO should point in a direction and provide structure. Content that does not serve a purpose cannot be saved.


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