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Joakim TrolleDigital Media Strategist

Creating online growth

My name is Joakim Trolle. I work with digital strategies with a strong focus on online growth. My background is within SEO and PPC. Contact me to know more.

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About me

My name is Joakim Trolle, I am 30 something and live in the south of Stockholm. I do web.

I work as a consultant for Web Guide Partner in Stockholm.
My background lies within both PPC and SEO and today I focus on online strategies.
I work with web analysis, online growth managing and creating visibility on Google for large scale digital marketing projects.

I am also in the board of City Studios AB and founder of the NGO BonzaiBeat. Read more about my projects here.

My Employments


Consultant – Web Guide Partner

Web Guide Partner
Web Guide partner specializes in optimizing medium to large sized companies online business. Web Guide Partner are well known with long expertize within Search engine marketing strategies for the most difficult and competitive segments such as online gambling and poker.
At Web Guide Partner I work as consultant and project manager with three products: Search engine optimization, Google Adwords and Web Analysis.



Senior SEO Manager – Netbooster Sweden

At Netbooster I work as an SEO consultant. I project manage large scale projects and I work with a few of Netbooster Sweden’s biggest SEO and strategy clients. This include project managing SEO strategy for an e-commerce client in 8 countries.
It also includes providing market directors and managers with understandable reports explaining what is actually going on with their online business and helping them take the right actions. SEO includes a lot of development and as someone ones said “developers keeps SEO’s in business” I continuously help ours clients in house developers to keep development up to date according to Google guidelines.
On the Google Analytics individual test I qualified 94% and as a senior SEO manager I am also responsible of implementing Google Analytics, and helping our clients understanding the power of Google Analytics and tracking their business.


SEO & PPC Manager – FindCourses Global AB Media Group
For three years I worked as an seo and adwords manager for During these years we increased the organic traffic and results with 40%.
For the last year I was responsable for developing innovating ideas within the international markets and received the EMG innovation award for a large scale implementation of microformats.
Throughout the years I continuously held workshops and lectures within the group for both the sales force and the information manages and officers in online strategy to drive the whole group forward. is part of the media group which develops and operates search services for training and education to help organizers with marketing to organizations and professionals.


Digital PR agent – Greenhill Relations

Greenhill Relations I have done a 20 week internship focusing on social media and digital PR. One major project was a social media campaign for Swebus Express. Another was a blogosphere analysis for one of the Sweden’s major parliamentary party.



Google Analytics Individual Qualification – Google

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification is a proof of proficiency in Google Analytics that is available to any individual who has passed the Google Analytics IQ test. Passing the Google Analytics IQ Test provides tangible validation that you are a proficient Google Analytics user.


Marketing for professionals – Webtrends university

Marketing for professionals fundamentals 1 & 2 (two day course) is webtrends own course that handles webtrends data for marketing purposes with acquisition in focus.


Communications, new media – Medieinstitutet

A two year program with focus on communication, new media and project management.


Teacher education – Stockholm School of education

At the Stockholm school of Education I studied 70 course credits of pedagogics and 60 course credits of media and communication studies.

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