I most recently joined Compileit to build and work with their SEO offer and services.

Throughout the (15+) years, I have mostly been working with SEO together with most digital marketing principles, for agencies, myself and inhouse. I have managed teams, projects, clients of all kinds. It is not really brands or products that thrives me, its people and culture. And as a consultant, a project manager, or a manager, it’s always about the people and the culture.

Whatever we are doing, it is all about how we are doing it with the people we earn and the culture we build, that essentially leads to either a success or a failure.

One strength I have is my level of engagement I put into the things I love and believe in. It can be work, it can be the music I play or my family I love. Half-way is never enough, I’m an all-in kind of guy and it requires a certain engagement, but it’s never worth it if we’re not having fun on the way.

People around me would probably describe me as humble, fun, with lots of energy. Someone said I’m a colourful person, whatever it means I kind of like it.  I also hope they say that I always give them the time they need. At least I intend to. It’s the people around me that makes my day.