A few things I’ve done

Compileit 2022 – Current

Head of SEO

I 2022 I joined Compileit to build and run their SEO offer and services.

Valtech 2018 – 2022

Commercial Director

Valtech is global business transformation agency with 6000 consultants. We have the strength of local presence and global reach throughout many countries depending on what our clients ask from us.

For about five years I helped build and ran the marketing service department that handles digital marketing within business transformation. I began build a SEO team and an analytics team. We soon crew into content, CRO and this year into SEM and Social.  We decided to split the teams into marketing and analysis.

Today we are (in Sweden) 32 consultants within, SEO, CRO, SEM, content, and analytics. And we work close with our 200 colleagues in Europe.

I am responsible for our business model, what we sell and what we deliver. I’m often involved in many of our projects as support or management.

We work as an agency within an agency. When Valtech brings in a client, we come as a team of specialists to support through all stages from discovery to run and optimize. What we do is always a part of a bigger context where we work close together with developers, designers, UX and UI.

Freelance 2017 -2018

SEO specialist

After a bumpy road of not really finding my home, I went freelance, focusing on what I really know: SEO and digital marketing. This is when I got in contact with Valtech. I started freelancing for Valtech which quickly became my biggest and after a while only client. I was their first SEO and they asked me If I would be interested to help them build their newly started marketing services team. I said yes.

Söderberg & Partners 2016 – 2017

Head of online services

Söderberg and partners is a great company to work for. When I took the job, it sounded like the one I had to leave at Allra.

At Söderberg and Partners I was head of a team that was responsible for a few of their clients online services. I managed to get their client login environment into Appstore and Google play, I took their web through GDPR.

Allra 2016- a few months

Head of digital

You might have heard about the Allra scandal. If not, there is a lot to read.  Well, I was there right when it happened. I had worked exactly two weeks on my new job as head of digital for the Allra group. A company on the way to become public, valued at 2 billion SEK, when a journalist on Svenska Dagbladet began investigating an expensive house and some pension funds with poor performance. A few critical articles about how the company started showing up.

This will blow over I thought.

It didn’t.

That was the beginning of one of the bigger financial scandals in Swedish history.

I was recruited to help the company transform from telemarketing sales to online sales. That I barely got to start, it was only weeks after I started when the perfect media storm was a fact and I was responsible for online communications. I spent days and nights handling what we did online.

We set up a portal called allrainifran.se (until now it’s still there) where we answered the most critical articles on the web and for a while, we also managed to advertise programmatically on Svenska Dagbladet right above the articles, where we said “wanna hear our version of this story”. That only lasted a while until they managed to shut off our ad programme from the site.

A few months in, the scandal and the media storm, had become a monster, I believe there where around 2000 articles about us, and I started to question if the people I was working for was telling me the truth. And whose side I was on.

It was not un know to recruiters that people where leaving the company and I took a similar job at Söderberg and Partners.

IKEA 2015 2016

SEO project manager

Throughout 2015, I was the project manager of IKEA’s global SEO strategy where I managed a team of 8 people. This was a client to WGP but I was contracted fulltime by IKEA and worked at their main Office in Hubhult (Malmö).

My main objective was to coordinate their work with SEO on a global level where we set up a scalable SEO strategy for 50 markets, defined a method to coordinate 50 markets and developed a migration strategy for their new platform.

Web Guide partner 2014 2016 

Project manager / Digital marketing specialist

Web Guide Partners was at the time the one place to work at within digital marketing and I was thrilled to start there as I wanted to deepen my knowledge within all digital marketing principles.

Throughout the three years I worked WGP I was a consultant withing Analytics, SEO and Google Ads and for the last two years I worked as a project manager. I handled both teams in larger projects as well as I was a hands on consultant.

Artefact (former Netbooster) 2012 2014

SEO specialist

I still remember penguin 1.0. It was April 2012. And it was bad for a lot of e-commerce sites. It wasn’t as bad for a decent SEO agency who had not been selling bad links for years.

This was my first time out as a consultant and the majority of the enquires where: “Get us out of this penalty!”

It was not easy, the scenario was unheard of, at least at this scale. There were no proven methods. Google had provided a fuzzy walkthrough and it was a manual link cleaning job.

1.Identify bad links 2. disavow 3. tell Google what you’ve done 4. wait for response. 5. Start over.

What made this even more exciting was that it did not take long until Google-bombing was invented. Turned out, that for a while, an efficient way to beat a competitor in search was to give them a gift containing 100 000 porn links.

I spent, hours, weeks and months: monitoring, evaluating and disavow:ing links from some of the darker corners of the web. Fortunately, Google picked up this scheme after a while. But getting websites out of the penguin is both a pain and a hardcore SEO school.

Netbooster was a great digital marketing agency at the time. Unfortunately, the Stockholm office disappeared, a consequence of everyone quitting due to poor management and Netbooster was acquired by Artifact.

Key Stone education group 2009 2012

SEO & SEM specialist

For three years I worked as an SEO and Google Ads manager for utbildning.se. During these years we increased the organic traffic and results with 200%.

For the last year I was responsable for developing innovating ideas within the international markets and received the EMG innovation award for a large scale implementation of structured data that would display reviews right in the SERP .

Throughout the years I continuously held workshops and lectures within the group for both the sales force and the information manages and officers in online strategy to drive the whole group forward.

Greenhill Relations 2008 – 2009

Internship PR consultant

Part of my internship was at Greenhill relations which is a PR agency where I worked as a PR agent.

Lidingö Stad (Information and web department) 2007 2008

Internship Web manager

Part of my internship was at Lidingö stad web and information department where I worked with their external communication.


Medieinstitutet 2007 – 2009 Diplom

Communications new media media

Lärarhögskolan 2003 – 2006 Kandidat

Pedagogik Kommunikation och medievetenskap